Theory vs Practice

Have you ever seen a sentence that you felt was meaningful? When I was a kid, I read a sentence while I was reading Improbable; “That’s when I noticed the difference between theory and practice.” This saying has been with me for 10 years, and I wanted to use it in my writing. Today, I will explain the difference between theory and practice based on my experiences.

               You will remember the pandemic era. After surviving a five-month pandemic, I began studying marketing. As a freshman at the university, the timing was perfect for me. I had the time and the resources I needed. I started to study the theory of marketing and branding in August 2020. I studied pricing theory, content marketing, integrated marketing communications, and the list goes on. I was reading academic articles, doing hands-on projects, and preparing creative pitches. Everything appeared to be simple to me.

I started my first job as a content creator at a social responsibility startup in June 2021. One day, I said to my manager that I had knowledge of branding and wanted to work on it. I told him about a project in my mind too. For a specific time, I had the feeling that I had no knowledge about branding and marketing, which I mentioned in my previous article, “İlk İş Deneyimim” After I solved this problem, there was another one, as always, 🙂 I asked myself, “How do I implement my knowledge?” While I was researching the answer to this question, I realized that the job I do is not regular. It changes every day. I needed to focus on projects that would benefit the brand.

In theory, everything may appear to be easy and simple, like during the day. But when it comes to practice… It is like war. There are so many problems to solve every day, even every hour. The difference between theory and practice is huge, like the difference between day and night. And we need to do things such as internships to have a smooth switch from theory to practice.

See you at my next article,

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